Why SunJoined is Such an Exciting Idea!


The 2018 Farm Bill officially made the cultivation of hemp, and the sale of hemp products legal in the U.S. Since then, the excitement about the potential of the hemp industry has been almost palpable. But the reality is that since hemp has been illegal for many years, our farmers and processors have very little experience with this plant. As a matter of fact, many farmers in the U.S. are currently growing hemp for the first time. And you can’t blame them for wanting to take a shot at it. The demand for hemp is huge. Walk into any CBD store or marijuana dispensary, and the number of hemp and CBD products you will find is staggering.

The fact that many farmers in the U.S. have very little (if any) experience with hemp means they are likely to make mistakes, which may prove costly. SunJoined was created to educate farmers about hemp and provide them with information about best practices. The organization conducts research and consults processors to determine the best hemp strains. Seeds and clones of these strains are presented to farmers. Many of the farms in the SunJoined network are small scale, family-owned operations. The support that SunJoined provides ensures that these farms have a competitive edge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with mass producers.

But SunJoined’s work doesn’t stop with farmers. The network also includes processors, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp products. By bringing these different players in the hemp industry together, SunJoined is able to facilitate a symbiotic working relationship. The founder of SunJoined Lamar Wilson describes it as “potluck capitalism.” Contrary to the popular capitalist model where a majority of the people do all the work while a selected few benefits, the SunJoined model ensures that everyone benefits equally. So, farmers get knowledge about best practices and seeds of some of the best hemp varieties out there. Processors and manufacturers of hemp products get to choose from different hemp varieties grown by the different farms in the network. They also get some insight into the unique practices of these farms.

SunJoined was founded in 2019, and in just a few months, the organization had scores of farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors from all over the U.S. sign up. The organization also has thousands of acres of farmland under its network.

SunJoined recently released its first hemp product, a full-spectrum hemp oil. In keeping with its business model, this product is sourced and produced through the network. The hemp material is gotten from farmers in the network and processed by one of the processors in the network. It is even distributed by selected distributors who are part of the SunJoined network. SunJoined’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is available with 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of CBD. They also come with different flavors like Lemonade, Watermelon, and Cannafresh.

It goes without saying that SunJoined is a brand that you can trust. This organization works tirelessly to promote the interests of the “underdogs” in the hemp industry. Visit the SunJoined website today to learn more about this initiative.

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